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September – Eco Holidays




Is there a difference between an eco resort and a resort located in the forest?  Can we eco holiday close to home?  Is the air industry flying us into the sun? How to fill a weekend without the car!



Genuine Eco Resorts

Eco Friendly Budget Breaks

Weekends without the Car

School Holiday Schedule

Flying into the Sun!


October – Living Green Every Day




Each and every day we make choices that effect the environment in which we live.  It is becoming clearer and clearer that those choices are making a big difference to our world.  So can other choices make a new difference?


Organic Food

Loaves & Fishes, meat & vegies

Green clothing choices

Organic Cleaning and Home care

Skin Deep – daily chemical dosage

The Adventures of the Green Family


November – Green Gift Giving




Seems the idea of consuming for Christmas is against the whole concept of protecting our Earth.  Or is it?  There is a new way to consume that can make all the difference and takes us back to some basic values.



Presents of Mind for Christmas

Packaging without Pain

88 Make your Own Gifts

How to Shop to Save the Planet

Consumerism and Green Lifestyle

December – Power Choices




Everyone seems to agree that the world run on oil is facing its Autumn years.  So what are the alternatives and do they have a practical application for us every day.  The answers will surprise you!


“The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight”

- Thom Hartmann

Wind and Water – Practical Ideas

Solar Power in Oz

Simple Solutions for your Home


January – The Nuclear Story




Seems the global warming story became a lot more useful when nuclear power was touted by Government and the Nuclear Industry as a solution.  So how would you like a nuclear reactor in your backyard?



Peter Garrett

“Blowin in the wind” & other perspectives from David Bradbury

The Federal Government Position

What you say to nuclear power.

February – Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle




There is money in recycling, from the multi billion business of the Visy empire to using old stuff at Reverse Garbage.  And there are ways to preserve and benefit in your own backyard.  And it may not be what you think!



The recycling industry – from Pratt to Reverse Garbage

Paper Cuts – sore point for business

On Site Recycling – Garden Magic

There is no such place as AWAY!

March – Alternative Health/Healing




Are there really more than 7 auras around your body?  Can you forgive yourself to good health?  Are natural medicines really medicine?  Can cancer be cured?  Who can do Reiki and how is it done?  These and many other stories will reveal the latest in alternative healing and health care.



Brandon Bays

Barbara Brennan School of Healing


The Laying on of Hands

Reiki - Mastery or Magic


April 2008 – Alternative Transport




The idea of a car in every garage is fast becoming the last thing we need.  What are the alternatives?  How do we de construct our present way of living to embrace a new future.  Is personal transport a 20th Century phenomena?


Virgin’s Richard Branson

Twike Electric Cars – Germany

Toyota Prius & Other Hybrids

Personal Transport - 20th Century Dinosaur?


May - The Future of Water




The management of our water is the liveliest of debates today.  For the first time both city and country agree that the way we use our water is of paramount importance to our future comfort & prosperity.


To Dam or Not to Dam

Storing your own water

WSD – water saving devices

Watering the garden

Qld Premier Peter Beattie

Driest Nation – Highest Usage


June – Global Warming




The hottest years on record have been in the past 10 years and this year likely the hottest yet.  Man made Global Warming is a reality.  We talk to scientists, climatologists, climate campaigners and the public about our warming planet.


Professor Ian Lowe

Warming and the Animals

Living with the changes

Long term climate forecasts

Rising Damp – Coastal Creep

The Bite! – Insects on the Move


July – The Chemical Industry




Back in the 1960’s Rachel Carson sounded a warning about pesticides and chemicals in our environment.  What has happened since those early warnings?  Have we made progress?  Has the warning been ignored!  Where to now?



What progress since

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring?

The Story of Eve Hillary

Bio-magnification with Alf Orpen

How many chemicals!?

Chemical soup – Ease & Disease

August – Alternative Housing/Building




One of the biggest impacts we each make on our environment is in the choices we make in the homes we live in.  We discuss the options, look at our mistakes, discover solutions in the homes we use now & investigate the options



Scott Elsom – Sala Homes:

making the most of what we’ve got!

Judy Abernathy – MECU

Green finance, ethical investment

Alternative Building options from straw bales to mud bricks





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