Planet Radio – World’s First Environmental Radio

Since April 1st 1997 

Planet Radio 88fm is the world’s first environmental radio service based in Brisbane Queensland, Australia.  It’s narrowcast radio covering the inner city region with licences across the city.   

80% independent Australian Music

We play 100% Oz Indie and Emerging Artists ONLY.  That’s more indie Oz music than any radio station on the air.  If you want to have your new music featured on Planet Radio, send your CD to Planet Radio, 20 Rosina Street, Kangaroo Point Qld 4169 or send an email with an mp3 attachment to:

 Editorial Contributors Welcome:

We welcome your contributions to Planet Radio at any time. 

Planet Radio also has a schedule of topics appropriate to individual months throughout the year that may speak to your interest or expertise.  Check the Program Guideline page to see what is coming up on Planet Radio in the coming months.

Remember this does not mean that your topic, event or item of interest cannot be on Planet Radio at any time.  Make contact and we can likely include your material both now and when it is subject relevant to our pre planned programme.  Email



Interviews in the old studio




They turn these into woodchips!




The natural world is a truly beautiful place




Spend some time in the forest to really understand

On air and Administrative Volunteers


We are always looking for volunteers to add to our team of professional radio people to help present the best radio show we possibly can and give opportunity to new talent and expertise.


If you are into independent music, environmental and social justice issues and want to assist to spread the word on Planet Radio, give Peter Thomas a call on

Mobile: 0415 644 020 or at the office on 07 3391 0115