Swapping Manifest

Planet Radio is a small Lpon radio service in Brisbane with a desire to open 8 additional Lpon or low powered open narrowcast stations across the Brisbane region.  For that we will need to manifest several things. 


Transmitters, Aerials, Computers, sites to transmit from, routers, server space, broadband connections, a 5000 watt (minimum) broadcast licence and more.  So this page is about manifesting those things! 

Swap with us today!  Its easy and FUN!


Here’s a list to get us started in several locations.  Thanks (in advance) for helping bring all that we need to create a bigger bolder Planet Radio in Brisbane and around the world!

Power Connect & u/ground cable @ Alex Hills

Site provision at Kenmore Shopping Centre

Site provision at Aspley

Site provision at Carindale

Computer and router for Aspley

Transmitter at Alex Hills

Transmitter and aerial at Aspley


And the list goes on…

Thanks to Jonathan Wills for this swap:

Allan Carr’s – Easy Way to Stop Smoking!

DVD to allow you to be a happy non-smoker for the rest of your life

PLUS $88

So what do you have to swap!  Its easy to step up – just make the offer!


Just click on the link above if you’d like to know more about the Allen Carr method.  And don’t forget to think of something to swap so we can get that permanent streaming of Planet Radio to the world happening ASAP!

I heard of a guy who swapped his way to a block of land and house just starting out at a red paperclip.  Seems the idea is just to up-swap the thing of value until you get to what you want.  So here goes!  Planet Radio wants to audio stream and podcast permanently on the internet.  Not such a big request – just permanent space on a server.  So we offer to swap:

The New Dubdoubt CD

Tell us what you are willing to swap with us, send us a pic, and send your address so we can do the swap to


It can be anything of value, just help us go the next step to finding that permanent server space for planet radio



There’s got to be something you could swap to help us get all that we need.


Think of something and let us know.  We love to swap to bring all the abundance we could possibly need!


We’ll keep swapping until we get our first 5000 watt (minimum) broadcast licence.


Any country, anywhere in the world – do you want to swap us till we own a 5000 watt (minimum) broadcast licence!


Do it today!