Statement of Purpose


Create our Future!



Create and expand media outlets and services aimed at raising consciousness about the issues of protecting and restoring our planet and encouraging and promoting environmentally friendly, sustainable business, music, art and living practices.




Planet Radio will:

1.      Create and present unique media programmes on an environment platform (including health, music, lifestyle, alternative thinking, news, information and viewpoints.) as first priority.


2.       Provide support to appropriate social justice issues in various ways as part of its dedication to environmental issues.


3.       Provide a voice to local people on environmental issues.


4.       Source and present a programme which provides the best possible opportunity for independent musicians and artists, favouring first LOCAL, then REGIONAL, then NATIONAL and finally INTERNATIONAL performers, artists and thinkers.


5.       Develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships, associations and partnerships with other like-minded people, organizations, community groups and companies.


6.       Provide a strong local community focus to reach the community at a grass roots level.


7.       Operate profitably within an environmental and ethical framework to provide Planet Radio people with suitable financial returns to support them and to support their efforts to expand the Planet Radio vision.


8.       Be fun and refreshing, entertaining and informative for all involved, especially listeners, clients, workers and other supporters of Planet Radio.







Planet Radio

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